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We are excited to be able to create a space where our young people can hear the Gospel and realize that they are able to make a difference even in their young age. We firmly believe that now is the time to start teaching and growing up these young saints in their most holy faith. If they learn and understand the dominion that God has given them now, when they get older they will be a force to be reckoned with.  

We execute this mission with love and care giving your child opportunity to have fun while learning the truth of their identity in Christ. 

This is what your child can expect on a Sunday morning:

  • Worship

  • Prayer

  • Confessions (Who they are in Christ)

  • Snack

  • New Lesson

  • Craft

  • Games 

Our curriculum is based off of the same teachings and training that the adults go through. Like New Man, God's Master Plan, Mind Renewal the DHT and others. We make sure to give it to them at a pace that they can grasp and understand.

About DLK

How it All Works

This is a brief look at what every Sunday will look like. Our Dominion Life Kid's Ministry meets at the 10am service only. Here are some steps to a safe and secure check-in and pick up:

  • You will be required to check in your child before service starts.

  • Kids check in will be in the lobby and starts at 9:45am. 

  • You can also pre-check in your child before service through the Church Center App. We will detail this option below.

  • Children will be dismissed after worship, escorted by a parent to their classroom. 

  • You must keep your phone handy because that is how we will be communicating with you during service.

  • You must pick up your child at the conclusion of service. 

  • You must pick up your child before you get in line for ministry. 

  • You must bring your pick up tag with you to pick up your child for security purposes.

We have three awesome rooms for your young person to utilize on Sunday mornings. We have a limited amount of space at this time and can only safely accommodate the following numbers per class room.

Gettig Started

1- 4yrs Old Class.

This class can hold up to 10 little ones


Kinder - 5th grade Class.

This class can hold up to 12 youngsters. 


We also have a nursery located down the hall from the Children's wing. This room is for parents with infants. There is a live feed from the sanctuary in this room. 

Our Check-In System

Our check-in is accomplished through Planning Center Online Check-In. Our check in station is located in the lobby at the corner of the book store. There are several ways you can check-in. You can go to a "manned" station and give the attendant your information and they can assist you in the check in process. 

Or you can pre-check in using the Church Center App. In order to use pre-check in your children's info must be in the database. You can input that information by filling out this online form.


Once your child's information is in the database or you have used our check-in system before, you can use the online check-in system from your phone and check in your child or children before you get to church once check in opens. In order to check-in you must download the Church Center App from your app store. The app does more than just allow for check-in it will also allow you to join groups in the church. When you have downloaded the app you must search for and log into the Dominion Life Church. That will give you access to all things

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