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We are excited to serve and represent a local body and a online body of believers. We desire to keep close connection with our church family so that we can encourage, edify and care for our growing congregation. One of the ways to help facilitate this is by becoming a member of Dominion Life Church. 

Below you will find the requirements to becoming a member. All requirements must be met or in the process of being met. If you feel you have met the following requirements, fill out the membership form by clicking the link below. 

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, the principles of the DLIAC have been fully set forth in meetings on Organization held at IAC Headquarters in January 2013.

Membership is set forth by the following requirements:


FIRST - Must confess Jesus as Lord and that you are saved/ born again.

SECOND - Must at least be seeking and expecting to be filled with the Holy Spirit in Accordance with Acts Chapter 2 (speaking with other tongues).

THIRD - Must agree with the JGLM/IAC '
Statement of Faith.'  Click on the link to go to the page or a hard copy can be found in the church lobby.

FOURTH - You agree to pray for us according to any prayer directives announced to all church members from our pastor and/or clergy.

FIFTH - You agree to support the church through tithes and offerings. Tithes and offerings must be sent to the P.O. box not to the church address and MUST be noted as: Tithes/Offerings, P.O. Box 742947 Dallas, TX U.S. 75374. You may also give online via the
give link. 

SIXTH - You agree to work towards becoming a Certified Divine Healing Technician (CDHT). Our hope is that ALL DLIAC members work toward becoming a CDHT in order to advance the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ through this body of believers. For information on becoming a certified DHT you may click this link:

SEVENTH - You agree to remain in the unity of the Spirit by living a life in accordance with the Bible.

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