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  • John Blake

Don't Push Me

Donald Trump needs to declare the Seattle situation an insurrection and send in troops to protect citizens and their property and end the situation.

He needs to protect every statue from destruction simply because it is the property of the United States.

If it is deemed that it should be removed, it should be done properly not by mobs of rioters.

If the Governor of Washington does not agree with declaring the Seattle situation an insurrection, they should be charged with aiding and abetting and/or collusion.

If things are not handled soon, it will lead to much greater bloodshed and destruction in the future.

All law enforcement and military take an oath to defend the United States Constitution against ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

The legitimate protests were hijacked by both foreign and domestic enemies of the United States and have now evolved into insurrection and revolution.

Political parties trying to maintain power or gain power is destroying this great country.

Any politician that will not rally around the Constitution and speak out and act, should be removed from office in November.

Every member of Congress and the Senate should be required to publicly take and/or renew their Oath of Office.

Good and peaceful, law abiding citizens around the country are fed up with lawlessness and impotent politicians.

Good citizens are uniting with their local law enforcement and forming groups to protect their cities and their property and their lives and loved ones. This is the original intent of the word “militia” in the Bill of Rights.

Enough is enough.

The slogan used to be “Don’t Tread On Me”, its too late for that, its already happened by politicians. The new slogan might be, “Don’t Push Me!”



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