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  • John Blake

A Wake Up Call

If people do not wake up to what is being forced upon them and refuse to participate, within the next 12 months there will be an entirely different pandemic of suicide.

People, including children, will feel more disconnected than ever before.

The entire population of the world is being indoctrinated and brainwashed toward new societal norms.

Society and culture develops naturally (with laws that enforce moral and ethical codes).

When society is developed unnaturally it causes“glitches” and “short circuits” the natural and normal biophysical development of the brain, especially in the young.

To teach “social distancing” as a norm is the exact opposite of the basic need of every human being and will result in the abnormal development (both mentally and behaviorally) in each human being.

The younger the person is in which this is established, the greater divergence there will be from “true normal” brain development and therefore the greater divergence in behavior.

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