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In September 1914, John G Lake relocated to Spokane, WA where he ministered in a church for six months before launching his own ministry which became known as “Lake’s Healing Rooms”. When Lake left Spokane in 1920, the Healing Rooms he founded closed and were not re-opened (The building burned in the late 1930’s and an entirely new building was built in it’s place). In 1920, John moved to Portland, OR with a plan to duplicate the Spokane work. Which he did. Again, over 100,000 healings were recorded. After five years in Portland, Lake began to grow restless and launched out on a 6 year traveling ministry which resulted in the birth of churches, healing rooms, and healing campaigns in Sacramento, CA, San Diego, CA, and Houston, TX.

Today we continue the vision and mission to have a healing room in every church. A healing room is simply a place someone can go to and receive healing, mind, body, soul and spirit (salvation) the biblical way Jesus did it. 

We model what Jesus did and how Jesus did it. We will always keep the message pure as well as the method pure. There are many healing rooms that claim to be affiliated with John G Lake but they do not hold to his true mission and what he taught concerning divine healing. Jesus is the healer, it is always God's will to heal anyone, nothing else is needed, Jesus has finished the work. 

Here are two pamphlets that we believe will help you before you arrive and after your visit with us.

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