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Dominion Bible        Institute

Fall Session

This fall session starts September 4th and will end on November 16th.

DBI Schedule 

The schedule will start on Monday and go through Thursday. Every day will start at 8am and conclude at 1pm. 

What to expect

After year one each
student will intern at a Dominion Life Church nationally or internationally.

The JGLM annual conference will be held during the DBI sessions where each student will be required to volunteer. Each student will be responsible for their own books, manuals, housing, transportation and all personal expenses.
At the culmination of DBI year two, either in person or online, the student will be ordained and sent to a city “where we send you” to start a Dominion Life Church.

DBI Year 2 Courses

1 Leadership
2 The church and its operations
3 Systemic Theology
4 New Man 2
5 Where we Stand
6 Life of Jesus
7 Practical Ministry
8 Spirit World
9 Spiritual Gifts


Dominion Life Church Plano
1104 Summit Ave Suite 102
Plano, Texas 75074

Cost of DBI

The cost is a love offering. Give what the Lord puts on your heart to give. 

DBI year 1 Courses

1 Intensive DHT
2 Basic Bible Doctrine
3 Christian DNA
4 Vital Issues and Disciplines
5 Pioneers of Faith
6 God’s Master Plan
7 Spiritual Warfare 101
8 Spiritual Authority
9 Prayer
10 Healing in the New Testament


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